IoT and Smart Grid

The Smart Grid (SG), involves billions of smart objects/things: Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, Sensors, and actuators in cars, also several communication infrastructures that are public or private. However, security is seen as one of the major factors hampering the rapid and large scale adoption and deployment of both the IoT vision and the Smart Grid.

One of the most important function that smart grids offer is data transfer. All of the smart objects/things transfer data to each other forming a network. These data are transferred from one object to another forming a massive network. The network being as massive as it is comes with a huge threat.

Security breach threats are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to data. In every sector involving network, data leaks and unauthenticated access have been posing threats since early days. As we focus on making objects more smarter i.e energy efficient, secure and responsive to changing conditions, the concerns are increasing. Although, Smart Grid can highly benefits from the IoT vision, where smart objects/devices are deployed alongside the energy path, from the generation plant to the end-customer. However, consumers are not sure IoT, and the large-scale adoption and deployment of the SG is beneficial for the future.

Ribera solutions is determined to tackle some of the major concerns that comes with SG and it’s networks like data tampering, identity theft, unauthorized access and related privacy issues. We have developed applications that help in making cities smarter.

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