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Commercial application development for location tracking.

Ribera has worked with one of the Fortune 500 chipmaker companies to develop an application for their location tracking services.


  • Created application that allows dynamic configuration of edge gateway devices.
  • Users could provision and configure devices in the cloud.
  • Reduced overhead for setting up large deployments of network devices.
  • Large scale, complex deployment that included IoT gateway, embedded devices/platform, and cloud connectivity.

This technology can be ported straight into handsets, tablets, portable entertainment systems, wearables and car navigation systems that consumers use, on the move, every day. This tracking service was used to locate devices and assets both indoors and outdoors.

case studies.fw

System Integration of Multi-Vendor Security hardware and sophisticated sensors to build a common command center.

Ribera Solutions was assigned the role of the system integrator to provide a common command center that enhanced operations and modernized security system by integrating Smart Technologies that leverage software, sensors, and data.


  • System integration of security sensors, camera at an airport and marina.
  • Expansion to Smart Lighting, City Wi-Fi, Parking, Mobile, Health, Tourism and more.

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