Healthcare services across the world are facing an increased demand due to growing population. In the past, healthcare was constrained by time and place.

However, with the advancement of digital technologies, healthcare providers and medical equipment manufacturers can now offer new services that cut costs, yet improve quality.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the delivery of personal care right where it matters; that is connecting patients directly with their care providers. Technologies like wearables, remote connectivity holds great promises for the future as diagnostics and treatment can be accomplished in real-time.

The use cases for IoT in healthcare varies from asset and health management, tracking, temperature control, remote monitoring and diagnostics, while including data analysis and reporting. As a part of Ribera’s consulting services, we work alongside customers to refine their use cases and convert them into products and solutions.

Our well rounded solutions in smart healthcare achieves following goals:

  • Lower operating costs by applying innovation in product development process.

  • HIPAA compliant mobile apps and web solutions.

  • Applying Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence frameworks and tools for Smart Diagnostics.

  • Developing IoT based use cases, products and solutions.

  • Increased engagement between health care providers, family members and patients under care.

  • The transition to value-based and personalized care.

Customer Success Story


Invetech is a world leader in industrial product design and development, especially in the medical devices sector. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, it also has offices in San Diego, California. Ribera’s team of software developers and project managers worked together with Invetech’s design and development teams in the US and Australia, to rapidly prototype a highly complex medical software. Ribera’s team successfully delivered the innovative medical software under a tight deadline that exceeded customer’s expectation. The work done by Ribera helped speed up the time for market launch.

Connect2Family Healthcare App

Connected Healthcare Solutions, LLC is a California based healthcare software provider. Their Connect2Metrics connectivity platform help healthcare organizations and service providers to capture data metrics that transform into useful reports to achieve strategic objectives. Ribera Solutions provided full-suite of services from consulting to product development and launch in the US and Australian market.

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