Internet of Things (IoT) in Los Angeles

Enablers of the Internet of Things

The internet of things is the development of internet connectivity with devices outside of the traditional devices like computers and smartphones. This includes appliances, buildings, vehicles, and other connected items that are able to create a network for better information. Our team at Ribera Solutions has experience utilizing IoT to create system integration and smart city networks. We are able to develop a network that addresses your specific situation and helps you gain valuable insights.

Our team at Ribera Solutions has utilized IoT for:

  • Fortune 500 companies for Enterprise Applications
  • Government agencies for Smart City Solutions
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Leveraging software, sensors, and data for Smart Monitoring
  • Geo-location Tracking Vehicle Monitoring System

We are here to provide you with high-quality and cutting-edge technology that helps your company stay at the forefront of your industry. Our team is able to help you utilize the Internet of Things. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call today at (760) 206-3008.

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Why Ribera Solutions?

  • Rapid development with a shorter time to market
  • Our team features over two decades of experience
  • We have worked with several fortune 500 companies
  • We use only the best practices when developing software