The Internet of Things is the new generation of things that are smarter and transform the way we live and work. In the world of IoT, physical devices, vehicles, buildings and many such items are connected to software and sensors, resulting in massive network allowing for smarter decisions. This connectivity enables the objects to collect and analyze data in order to perform Artificial Intelligence (AI). At Ribera Solutions, we are at the center of IoT and Data Analytics, to transform any enterprise into a leader in IoT.


Ribera Solutions has been actively working in the field of IoT field since 2013. Ribera has worked on numerous projects with different companies from the Fortune 500 to top Government agencies. We have developed various applications for organizations to successfully meet or exceed their expectations.


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Commercial application development for location tracking.

Ribera has worked with one of the Fortune 500 chipmaker companies to develop an application for their location tracking services.

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System Integration of Multi-Vendor Security hardware and sophisticated sensors to build a common command center.

Ribera Solutions was assigned the role of the System Integrator to provide a common command center that enhanced operations and modernized security system by integrating Smart Technologies that leverage software, sensors, and data.

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As System Integrators we bring the most complex ideas to life.

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